Labor Day

As we step through the door called Labor Day each year I’m always a bit depressed. It’s the end of summer and the start of getting ready for colder weather and shorter days. I always thought it should be called Laborless Day. No one does anything, not much is open, and everyone seems focused on resting up for tomorrow. It’s practically silent outside and I’m in the middle of town.

I remember many Labor Days fretting about the start of school the next day, especially in grade school. Older siblings would scare me with horror stories about the teacher I was about to have. None of it ever came true but it put me on edge. One Labor Day was particularly depressing because, not only was I worried about a new strict teacher, but we endured over-the-curb rain all day. There wasn’t even a chance to go outside on that last day of freedom that once seemed to far off.

Of all the national holidays, Labor Day to me is the least interesting since it marks the end of Summer. Logically then, Memorial Day should be the happy beginning of Summer and in most respects it is. One thing I’ve learned living in Minnesota, though, is that you can’t count on the weather either of those holidays. It seems like it rains on most of them so I don’t plan anything outside.

Today is at least cooler than yesterday and the rain moved through last night. It’s cloudy and wet, though, so I think I’ll rest up by watching a movie.

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