Between the Bluffs

Thanksgiving Was Always About The Food

Thanksgiving as a kid meant turkey. What else mattered? I mean, really, Thanksgiving was kind of boring for a kid. Yeah, we got an extra-long weekend but most years there still wasn’t enough snow to go sliding. And Christmas, which really meant something, was still an eternity away. We were reminded to think of all … Continue reading "Thanksgiving Was Always About The Food"

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Fearsome Forecast For a Haunted Halloween

The scariest costume I can imagine this Halloween is that of an unvaccinated person. But, of course, there is no costume that makes you look like an unvaccinated person. They look exactly like vaccinated people. Catherine and I are immunized. I’ve even had the Pfizer booster. Catherine is waiting to get the Moderna booster. But … Continue reading "Fearsome Forecast For a Haunted Halloween"

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